Applying for new subjects

Please hold off on applying for any new subjects until those with previously listed subjects have had a chance to get their listings re-added.  We’ll post when we’re ready for new subject applications. 🙂

Angie, Elise, Michele & Rachel

Re-opening soon! Previous listings, start sending in applications to be re-listed!

Welcome to the Alter Listings Network – a network inspired by what are known as ‘fanlistings’ and listing subjects that are not approved by The Fanlistings Network.  If you are interested in having your alterlisting listed here, please read over the rules, check the appropriate listings page and send in an application!

The Alter Listings Network currently approves the following types of listings:

  • Animals
  • Names
  • Numbers
  • Physical
  • Miscellaneous
  • All subjects that were previously listed at the network will also be re-added, regardless of the category they were listed in before.  For now, any subjects that don’t fit in another category, will be put in Miscellaneous.

More categories may be added in the future.

Please feel free to start submitting applications for listings that you had listed at the network before!

Angie, Elise, Michele & Rachel