1. You can’t apply for a subject that is already listed here or for a subject that is approvable at The Fanlistings Network.

2. You must have HTML and graphics experience in order to apply for an alterlisting. Journals, MySpace or pre-made templates that you didn’t design yourself are not considered valid site examples.

3. You can apply for up to 5 subjects in a category at a time and a total of 15 subjects across the network.

4. Please allow up to 4 weeks after applying for an alterlisting for a reply.

5. You must provide and keep a link back to at all times. You can link back with a button or with a clickable text link.

6. A ‘last updated’ date must be clearly displayed on the index page of your alterlisting. It must include the month, day and year of the last update.

7. Once you are approved for an alterlisting, you must finish it within 4 weeks from the date of approval.

8. You must update at least once every 3 months, even if no new members apply to join.

9. You must accept all members who give their name and country. You can choose to require an email address, but no additional information may be required.

10. Be sure that your contact and alterlisting information at the network is up to date.

11. The site must offer an English version if you create one in another language.


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